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No Dice

by Ewig Frost

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VOID 02:04
high octane anarchy total volume overload hell breaks loose, the beast's on the road lust and mayhem, sweat'n sleaze electric chaos and high octane anarchy full steam ahead! fast like a demon we're ruling the streets vicious and ready to roll bringers of havoc, evil on speed tainting your innocent souls total volume overload hell breaks loose, the beast's on the road lust and mayhem, sweat'n sleaze electric chaos and high octane anarchy electric chaos out in the streets it's high octane anarchy!
smoke and mirrors the blood-red sunset is gone with the wind some roads just end where others begin the glory once promised will never be found deep in the shadows - down on the ground no concern ain't no ash will burn... It's all smoke and mirrors ashes to diamonds, deserts to dust oceans to tears of rapacious lust future is a mirror, reflecting the past what you will see is not what you'll get live's not all guns, roses and gold all that glitters cannot be sold no concern ain't no ash will burn...
stone-cold wastelands lifeless and dead there ain't no tomorrow and no one regrets atomic release death - war - disease atomic release an eye for an eye and a bone for a bone whether it's bullets for bullets or sticks versus stones atomic release death - war - disease atomic release dystopian visions of torture and blood a nuclear nightmare will tear us apart
Twister black filthy clouds raging down from the skies highspeedin' whirlwinds with devilish eyes dancing like sirens of thundering lust huntin' you down - death from above twister!!! cyclones of evil, devils of dust total rotation, sudden and fast shakin' and twistin' and rollin' the rocks thrashin' your town, rippin' your block twister!!!
deepwater horizon …starting the engines of the deadly machines deep down the waters so lone and unseen subsea-sensation contamination! thick blue liquid shady and cold …and the drillers are rumblin' so rusty and old subsea-sensation contamination! …doomed in the valleys of neptune… …lost in the waters of death… …it's the sinking of deepwater horizon!
no scene my scene is like no scene rough and unclean we're burning like iron and benzene fear the engine loud and rending in darkness we roll (i said) my scene is like no scene torn and unseen united we're blasting the mainstream breakin' your routine smashin' the machine so rotten and cold my scene is like no scene rough and unclean we're burning like iron and benzene breakin' your routine smashin' the machine in darkness we roll so rotten and cold
NO DICE 02:08
no dice black shining light a cold lonely night the engine's still running i'm backing away there's no need to pray you won't see me coming when it's silent and calm i can still hear your cries i can still feel your breath when i'm closing my eyes no sanctus, no sacrifice, i ain't got no dice no mercy, no glory, no good advice a million times told a heart of black gold so pleasing but deadly this whispering dream is not what it seems it's shattered already i can still feel the thorns boring into my hands i still smell those black roses, but can't understand no blessing, no paradise, i ain't got no dice cheated and fooled, just a pack of lies no sunrise, no demise, i ain't got no dice conjured, pretended and demonized
through deserts and dust deathly silence… just the whisper of winds telling stories of old when forgotten memories are fading away savaged and lonesome when blue turned to grey it was the last of all wars that brought the end of the days through deserts and dust… cities in ruins there's nothing but ashes and sand, deserts and bare rocks deathward through boneyards and cold wasted lands nuclear sunburn and black lethal rain i'm doomed in a world that can never be changed through deserts and dust…
A Achterl auf's Sterben (schenk nu ans ei!) Da nächtliche Schatten liegt über da Stodt Es duftet noch Schwefel, Verderben und Tod tiafschwoaze Fetzen und nacktes Gebein, kredenzen a guads Flascherl Wein "Trink' nu a Achterl, heit lod' i di ein!" "Kumm, schenk nu ans ei!" "schenk numoi ei!" "A Achterl in Ehren - Heite trink ma aufs Sterben!" Er ziagt durch de Gassen, is stehts auf der Wocht und triffst eam, dann grinst er, so finsta wia'd Nocht "Nimm's letzte Schluckerl, sche langsam wird's Zeit! Wirst seng, mia hamm's e nimmer weit. Heast ned, wia d'Glockn zum letzten Moi leit?" "Es gibt ka Entrinnen, du brauchst di ned wehr'n Du brauchst a ned schrei'n, di wird e kana hean!" Wenn's letzte G'stantzl sche langsam verklingt und ganz Wien im Nebel versinkt führt di der Tod voller Wollust und Sünd' zu an Brunnen wo der Wein ewig rinnt
13A 01:25
13A life is way too short i'm feeling like i'm dead raging through the longest nights i ever had have another drink not givin' a fuck hiring at the captain's ship never wanna stop everybody drops but we never have enough we're party on at least i gotta pay 'cause i gotta get away i'll die on 13A!


Ewig Frost's 3rd full-length.


released July 1, 2016

all album recordings of "no dice" were done between 2014 and 2015 in vienna, austria.
basic tracks taped by thomas aichinger and florian widhalm at scopeaudio.
guitar overdubs recorded by niitro at the boozehounds of hell's rehearsal room, arena wien.
vocals recorded by niitro at shockwave audio.
backing vocals tracked at das bach.
guitar-overdubs, vocals & backing vocals of "high octane anarchy" & "deepwater horizon" tracked by niitro at the former ewig frost hq.
mixed by florian widhalm and thomas aichinger at scopeaudio.
mastered by brad boatright at audiosiege, portland, oregon.
all music by niitro & ewig frost except backing vocals of "high octane anarchy" & "deepwater horizon" by ewig frost & myra molotov.
lyrics by niitro.
guitarsolo of "no scene" by commandor vanik (midnight, vanik).
coverartwork by dr. knoche.
layout by niitro.


all rights reserved



Ewig Frost Wien, Austria

EWÏG FROST put the pedal to the metal with hellfire roaring out of their hoods. Their engines howling like you're speeding through post-apocalyptic deserts, while the end of the world is breathing down your neck!


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